Isla Percussions New Location - Belize

    I have several drums by Isla Percussions, run by Mario Punchard, and I love playing them. They have a unique feel and wonderful sound. Previously Mario Punchard's shop was located in Los Angeles but Mario Punchard has now relocated Isla Percussions to Belize, as I wrote about previously in Vaya con dios Isla Percussions.

   Mario Punchard's passion for the music and his drive and ambition to obtain the most beautiful and authentic sound caused him to pursue access to honduran mahogany, the original wood of the conga drum. This has led Mario Punchard to relocate his entire Isla Percussions operation to the country of Belize in order to obtain this goal. Well now Mario Punchard and Isla Percussions are up and running and making instruments. Isla Percussions now has a new website, with new information regarding Isla Percussions instruments and ordering them as well. It must be a very exciting and rewarding time for Isla Percussions. I wish Mario Punchard and Isla Percussions all the best.

  Visit the new Isla Percussions Website


  1. Wow...those are beautiful looking congas. I checked out the new Isla Percussion site and one of Mario's statements piqued my interest regarding the original Cuban congas being made with Honduran Mahogany. Are there any good books you would recommend regarding the history of the conga drum ? If it's like anything else, reading multiple resources should be the way to go so if you have a reading list, maybe you could post it. Thanks !!!

  2. Jose,
    Thanks for reading. Nolan Warden has a very good article on the history of the conga that is free.

  3. Also Dr. Olavo Rodriguez has written a pretty good article available to read on Afrocuba web.


    You may also find this article on the history of the cajon interesting.


  4. Thank you so much !!!! I know what I'm doing when I get home from work now !!!