Vaya con dios Isla Percussions

California has had several excellent drum makers. Recently a newer company, Isla Percussions run by the indubious Mario Punchard is relocating to Belize.

Isla Percussions

I have had 2 requinto drums made by Isla, both of them fantastic sounding drums. I also recently acquired a set of bata from them as well. Isla has always been committed to the Afro-Cuban tradition and only makes Afro-Cuban drums; congas and bata.

Isla has always adhered to 2 philosophical ideas which has caused them to stand out. One is innovation. From Isla's first drums they have never been afraid to experiment, trying new and different designs in a quest for something better and unique.

Second is practicality. Isla drums are meant to be played. They are not such highly polished instruments nor are they so expensive that players are afraid of playing them, to get marks on them. They are rough and ready drums meant to be played anywhere at anytime.

It was nice having Mario in California, good luck in Belize.

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