Los Instrumentos De La Musica Afrocubana

    A couple of pictures of books about various rumba and folkloric instruments by the great Fernando Ortiz. I got these from the Yoruba Jazz blog. I love the look of those shekeres!!! Yoruba Jazz has a staggering array of music downloads as well as these pictures. I wish the books were downloadable as well.

  However some very generous people have offered other different articles to read regarding rumba instruments. I placed these links in the comments section in an earlier post, but I'm going to post them here as well.
The Cuban Rumba Box (Cajon)

   And of course the indomitable Barry Cox at Vamos a Guarachar has several links to rumba related documents and research as well.

   This last photo here I got from an ebay auction. I wish I had seen it while it was up, I would have bid for sure! It looks like a brilliant book; an copy of Fernando Ortiz's Los Instrumentos De La Musica Afrocubana and a photo essay of the Howard Familie's collection of Cuban instruments. Did I drop the ball on this one or what? Anyways if any of you out there in the blogosphere come across similar auctions alert me, or 'ahem' if you have a copy and feel like donating it to me, or selling it, I'm sure arangements can be made...

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  1. I have a copy of The scholar and the collector". You are welcome to it. bryan_999@msn.com