What is this instrument???

Hello readers in the blogosphere. Today I am posting a request for a little assistance in identifying this instrument that I recently inherited from my cousin, who sadly passed away last month. His name was Steve Spodak and he was a very talented jazz guitarist from New Jersey. My mother brought this instrument back for me to remember him by.
Anyways, the instrument is kind of like a shekere, but it isn't. It's a metal tube with a net of ceramic beads attached to it. It is very well made and the sticker on it says "Hand Crafted in Thailand". The manufacturer is unknown, but it strikes me as something LP might make. It seems to be best played by holding an end in each hand and shaking back and forth.

This instrument reminds me a little of the samba instrument; Chocalho de Platinela or Rocar. Like a rocar/shekere hybrid or something.
Any help identifying this instrument is greatly appreciated.


  1. Got it Geordie: it's an LP320 Tube Shekere. Can't seem to find it in current catalog though, so I expect it's discontinued.

  2. Excellent work, Mike!!! Thank you very much.

  3. Ask a tech writer and we'll get our teeth into like a pitbull on speed. :)

  4. Wow. I lived with Steve Spodak in Freehold when I was in my early 20's, 'round 1995... I used to come home and beg him to play me 'The Rain Song' on a constant basis and he would always oblige. I found out about his death a few years ago. Had some good times with him... lost touch with Steve after I left him the townhouse I was renting. Peace Steve.