Radio Havana Rumba

    This is the rumba I go to regularly. If you happen to be in town come check it out.  Yesterday I provided the drums for the first time. Everyone had compliments on them, which was great to hear. I had built this set specifically for ocassions like these. Like I tell my friends, I have drums that travel and some that stay at home. These are the ones that travel to rowdy rumbas, park practices and conga classes. Isla, Gon Bops and Valje.
   So if you're around one Sunday, come on by and take a turn on a drum or sing a rumba with us.

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  1. Seeing this post makes me incredibly homesick. If I am not mistaken, Radio Havana is right across from that Italian Deli called "Lucca", which is right next to where I used to live (from '95 to 2000), on Alvarado. Never saw any rumbas back then. At least we have weekly Wednesday night rumbas here in Jesi, Italy at the music school.....

    Maybe I'll try to find a way to be in SF for a rumba during our annual trips back to the States this summer....