Gon Bops Historical Catalog

The venerable conga makers Gon Bops have a rich history and have made their impact on Afro-Cuban percussion both here in America and worldwide. Long before the mass produced instruments of Latin Percussion / LP, Gon Bops of California were making great quality instruments from the 1950's on to the 1980's. The sound of Gon Bops have graced many a street corner rumba and are heard on numerous recordings; Funk, R&B, Disco, Rumba, Soul, the sound of Gon Bops can be heard in many styles of music.

Today original Gon Bops are sought after worldwide for their unique sound. That so many are still available is a testament to their enduring construction and authentic sound.

I am fortunate to live in California where many vintage Gon Bops can be heard, seen and played. I've been lucky enough to have owned several Gon Bops of different sizes and styles and eras and to have played on countless other Gon Bop congas of all types. Today I own two Gon Bops congas: a vintage IQ-4125 quinto with Deluxe hardware and one of the newer DW Gon Bops "super" quintos. Both are lovely drums.

Vintage Gon Bops come in a variety of hardware models and shell construction. I have collected a few pages of an old Gon Bops catalog and I am posting them here as a resource for congueros wanting to know more about their vintage Gon Bops drums and for percussionists looking to make online purchases of vintage Gon Bops congas and bongos.


  1. You rule Geordie.

  2. Thank you for sharing the Gon Bops catalog and your nice comments. My name is Martha Garcia, and I am the daughter of Mariano Bobadilla founder of Gon Bops of California, Inc. If you are interested in the full history of Gon Bops, you can reach me at mcgarciarn@aol.com. Have a great day and enjoy your Gon Bops.

  3. What is the date of this catalog?