Monster Skin!

Whew, putting this new skin on my Resolution quinto nearly knocked me out. It took every last trick I knew and some I made up, and about half of the tools in my tool box to get it on, Not to mention about 3 hours of my life. Usually a normal skin takes me 30 - 45 minutes to get on!!!!

I've had this skin for about a year now. Mike at Land Hand Percussion had included it in an order for free. I finally got around to putting it on a drum. Well it didn't look that thick before I soaked it, but now I am wondering just what kind of monster did this skin come from, a Minotaur?

I have a feeling that this skin is going to have a voice like you won't believe! I'm waiting for it to dry, then I am going to give it a coat of shea butter. Hopefully I won't break my hands on it while I'm breaking it in!

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