Obá Nile - En Clave

Formed during the summer of 2010, Obá Nile (King of the House) represents an amazing collaboration between five brilliant Cuban Musicians. Produced by Jesus Diaz and CongaMasterClass, their debut recording En Clavé is a stunning example of Afro-Cuban folkloric drumming.

This album is as good as rumba in America can get. Just look at the personnel in this project;

Lazaro Galarraga-Vocals
Jesús Diaz-Tumbadora, Vocals
Sandy Pérez-Tumbadora and Bata, Vocals
Roman Díaz-Tumbadora, Vocals
Miguel Bernal-Tumbadora, Cajon, Bata, Vocals
Michael Spiro-Gua-Gua, Bata, Vocals
Bobby Wilmore-Clave, Vocals
Genesie Reynoso-Vocals
I am proud to see the San Francisco Bay area well represented in this all-star line up of rumberos. I don't actually have the inside scoop, but that sure sounds like my old teacher Sandy Perez on the quinto. I know New York has always had the reputation for rumba in America, but now California rumba is on the map!

The playing is of course impeccable, but what I really enjoy are the down home vocals, everyone is singing coro, exactly how it happens in a real rumba. En Clave does not have that overproduced coro sound that is becoming the norm with rumba albums now, it has that soulful heartfelt sound that makes rumba what it is. Listening to this album reminds me so much rumbas I have have attended with these artists.  The awesome duo of Jesus Diaz and Sandy Perez alone would make this album a necessity, throw in Roman Diaz, Reynoso and Spiro and you have one deadly rumba! Now everyone can hear the rumba that we here in San Francisco have been so lucky to have.

But you don't have to take my word for it, listen for yourself to these samples from the album's tracks. I'm especially fond of the batarumba.

  01-Guguanco pa Yemaya Demo by superbongos

  02-Maruganda Rumba Columbia Demo by superbongos

  03-Nana Buruku Bembe Demo by superbongos

  04-Batarumba Demo by superbongos

Obá Nile's album En Clave is being sold through CuBraz.com.

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