Los Munequitos, San Francisco Concert, April 4 2011 with Sandy Ramon Perez

Last month I was fortunate to be able to attend the Los Munequitos concert right here in my city of San Francisco, at Mission High School just a quick 10 minute walk from my home. I was on top of things and sprung for a pair of the nicer seats up front in the main section about a month before the show, which was eventually sold out of course. I really wanted to have a great experience and it paid off, I had an excellent view of the dancing and the musicians. Money well spent.
Well the concert was excellent, and I fully enjoyed it. Almost as fun as the concert was seeing who attended, basically all the rumberos and latin musicians of the Bay Area were there and it was fun to greet everybody excitedly waiting in the line as I took my place.
 Anyways, as I promised earlier, I recorded the concert on my little Zoom H2. Such a handy little device. Not the best recording, but not the worst. Feel free to listen, download, study, share. I've also scanned the program for review as well. Click on the pictures and they get bigger, print them out if you want.

The first set was mainly folkloric songs and rhythms with bata and congas.

    First Set by rumbainstruments

This is the second set and it was more rumba based. Sandy Perez was called onto the stage to play quinto for a song during second half of the concert. AWESOME! I have to say I preferred his quinto to that of the Munequitos' regular quintocero. But go ahead and listen and be your own judge. Sandy Perez takes the quinto around the middle of the set. This file probably has the best recording quality with the quinto clearly heard.

  Second Set by rumbainstruments 

and of course the encore with the audience welcomed on stage.

  Encore by rumbainstruments 

An added bonus for me was seeing Sandy Perez's wife selling his new CD during the intermission. Of course I bought a copy. Anything by Sandy is solid gold. I truly value my studies with him. No sound files of that available here. You'll have to buy your own. But I have scanned the cover and the little bio his wife was handing out, so you can contact them and buy a copy and support a phenomenal artist.

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