Francisco Aguabella - IBAE

Sadly I have heard the news that Francisco Aguabella passed away today, Friday May 7, 2010

Francisco Aguabella was a personal favorite of mine. As a musician he could do it all. Afrocuban Folklore, Rumba, Bata, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, etc. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see him perform. A look at my music library shows an extensive collection of his works.

Francisco Aguabella:
  • Agua de Cuba
  • Cantos a los Orishas
  • Cubacan
  • H2O
  • Hitting Hard
  • Ochimini
Francisco Aguabella y Su Grupo Orishas
  • Bembe y Afrocuban Music
Not to mention the several albums he  played on for Mongo Santamaria and Tito Puente among others.

My favorite quote regarding Francisco comes from Dizzy Gillespie:
"Aguabella is the John Coltrane of the Conga Drums.” -- Dizzy Gillespie
 I was fortunate to see Aguabella play at Yoshi's on Filmore a couple of years back. An incredible show. The pictures in this post are from that show. I remember something Francisco said that night, which made me very happy
"Now I live in L.A., but San Francisco, is my city!"

We'll miss you terribly Francisco. Thanks for all the great music.

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