Latest Shekeres

   I've just nearly finished up a couple more shekeres. The one on the left with the wood beads is a birthday present for my father. He doesn't play percussion at all, but he is a rather good guitarist. He just wanted to own one of my instruments. Shekeres are also good looking enough to have around as decoration, but of course they should be played. At any rate I'll be able to give this one a couple of shakes whenever I visit. Who knows, mabe my dad will pick it up.

   The red and white one was meant to be sold, but it didn't work out that way. The deal fell through. But not to worry, the more I thought about it the more I liked this "candy cane" shekere and to tell the truth it is a very good match with my other shekere. This red and white one is now the mula to my black and red caja. Just got to get to work on the cachimbo. I'm lucky because I have two very nice cachimbo sized gourds to choose from to round out my set.

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