101 Rumba Clave Exercises!


Well actually it is only 18 rumba clave exercises, but that doesn't make as catchy a title....Anyways I've been working on the 6/8 coordination exercises on Micheal Spiro's The Conga Drummer's Guidebook and I noticed that the book did not have similar exercises for rumba clave! So I made my own. The 6/8 exercises have been challenging and rewarding, and now looking at the rumba clave exercises I just made, well I'm wondering if I've created a monster. Never tested, nor approved by anyone! I'm willing to experiment on you; my faithful readers. You have my permission to copy these distribute them and to knock yourself out practicing them. Please give me feedback on their success, difficulty or failures

Hopefully if you make it through all 18 exercises you'll be able to do something like this; introducing the one the only Piri Lopez Herrera:

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  1. yeah, i like those exercises. they are very similar (except for the final examples of a displaced son clave) to some coordination exercises I've been using for years. you hear all of this stuff in the "real" music! woodshedding and hearing your own hands doing it makes the same patterns really jump out at you when you hear your teacher doing it... nice one!