Salutations to all in the blogoshpere!

Looks like I'll be receiving the 1000th visit to my rumba blog today. I want to thank all my readers and visitors. I hope you have found something enjoyable and educational on this blog about rumba. I know I enjoy posting.

I started this rumba blog about a year ago, but really only started posting a few months ago. I think I installed the blog counter in June.

Anyways, I plan to keep it up. I've got plenty of posting material planned. Please feel free to comment on any post you like. Comments are always greatly appreciated and make the effort more worth the while.


  1. Please do keep up the blog Geordie if you feel the urge. I've enjoyed every post!

  2. Brother Michael

    I've got plenty of posts planned and more come up all the time, so I'll be around for a while.