Saying goodbye to an old friend.

Today I will be selling the first shekere I ever made. I got lucky with a very wonderful gourd from eBay. This particular instrument used 1,5oo beads and a bunch of string, and took me a couple of months to eventually finish. The round shape gives it an incredibly easy action. It's a loud shekere when played by itself, but in the context of a rumba or a guiro it is perfect.

I've had the pleasure of watching many local rumberos use this shekere, including Sandy Perez and Carlos Aldama even gave it approval.

I'm letting it go to Larry a rumbero from Oakland who has always praised this shekere and plays it very well. It's really impossible to put a price on this instrument (materials, construction time and sentimental value), and if I did Larry would not be able to afford it. I told him to give me what he could afford. Sometimes it is not about the money, the value of having this elderly gentleman making wonderful music will be a greater reward.

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