First Post!

I've been getting into rumba and Afro-Cuban music for a little while now and one of the things I really like about this music is the instruments.

I like the humble beginnings of a lot of the instruments. Sticks, boxes, gourds, beads, cow bells, hoe blades, shakers, pieces of bamboo and of course the conga drum.

As I started to get deeper into playing rumba and other rhythms I realized there was no place to buy a cata or gua-gua, that special little instrument that keeps the beat. Skekeres were expenisve and often not that well made. Where can one buy a nkembi?

Anyways I started making my own instruments and got into maintaining my drums myself; even restored a conga. I realized that resources for doing these things were a little on the thin side. I came across the idea of this blog, being inspired by other blog examples. I also started to experience a greater enjoyment of the music playing instruments I made myself and hearing other rumberos playing them. Also through this practice I have gained a deeper appreciation for the origins of rumba and Afro-Cuban music; the drive, the energy, the ingenuity and the craft involved.

In the interests of helping others make their own instruments and to promote the music itself I will be documenting the craft of making these instruments and trying to explore their history and origins in the process.

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  1. Great idea!Id love to hear your research on the history of the drum and its origins to relate it my students in Wash,DC.Keep up the great work,Mike!Still trying to locate SOL congas,man!Blessings,